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Fall into a Good Book at the Library

A visit to your public library will not only brighten your child's day, but this is the perfect time to stock up on some great books. But where do you begin?

Here are some tips that will help your visit to the library become an enjoyable one.

  1. Look for new book displays. Every library has many designated areas that will have a new book display for each reading level and age of a child.

  2. While looking for books, check to see if there is a reading nook to spend a fun time looking at the books together. One clue is to look for a colorful rug with tables and chairs in the children's area.

  3. Ask the librarian for book recommendations. It can get overwhelming when you walk into a library, especially when it is super busy. Think of librarians as book gurus. We have the knack for tailoring the right book to every child's reading level and age.

  4. Get a library card. Ask your librarian what the requirements are to get your child a library card.

  5. Make sure to get reading lists and any upcoming programs guides that will keep you informed about any special events.

  6. If you are not ready to visit in person, go to the library's website. Most will offer virtual programs, including storytimes.

We hope that these tips were helpful and will make you and your little ones experience memorable.

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